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How It All Began

1979 was a long time ago though sometimes it seems like yesterday.  Over 30 years of expierence sure has flown by.  It all started in December 1979, I was working a second job and our christmas party was approaching.  All that was planned was some food at a local function hall and someone was to bring their stereo for a little background music.  One of the employees knew I was interning at a radio station in Boston and suggested that I DJ the party.  Little did she know the radio station was sports talk with no music.  Her idea got me thinking so I decided to bring my stereo and record collection to the party and be the DJ.  I hit an electronics store to buy a mike and some cords and I was off and running.  I remember the first night as my first gig and how the band in the room next door overtook me but I survived.  I quickly pursued this line of work and updgraded my equipment.  It was now off to school dances, banquets and weddings.  Over the next couple of years I was DJing the nightclub scene and various functions.  My roots in the entertainment industry were growing.  Today my business has taken me all over New England offering music and entertainment.  The DJ business I have come to realize is just not the music but entertainment. 

Due to my many years of experience, I have not only become an expert in terms of music, but also in organizing parties. I can provide you with a lot of valuable advice about how to decorate for a party, how to plan its itinerary, and how to moderate it. I have also met many reliable people over the years that can help turn your party into a success. Just contact me by filling out the Contact Form so that we can talk about the details of your party.

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