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What Others Say

“We went to New Hampshire for a few days and just returned home to Ohio tonight.  I have just saved the pictures you sent and wanted to thank you.  Also thank you for your words about my family.  They loved you and you made the wedding just what I hoped for fun and a party.  My son and daughter in law had a great time and he told me that he hadn't imagined anything as wonderful as the reception we had".
Patty, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Ted, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy my parents and aunts were with the job you did on Sunday  I have heard back from several cousins about how much fun their kids had and ours too.“
Liz, Massachusetts

“I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and entertain my friends and me.  You spent a long time setting up your equipment and take the time to get everything organized.  Also thanks for playing fantastic music and games.  The people really enjoyed them.  Your light show really put a nice touch to the party.  You were fun and entertaining and I apppreciated your presence,  Thank you for being a part of my graduation party.  It was fun."

Janessa, New Hampshire


Ted, Thank you for a wonderful evening.  The music that you played for our reunion was perfect."

Jean, North Andover, MA


"Ted, Thanks for coming and being the DJ at our event on Sunday.  You did, as always, a great job and I appreciatevery much your time especially knowing how busy you are. The people had a fun time."

Kay, Andover, MA


We appreciate your great efforts in throwing us the town party after the state tournament.  Your music and light show was awesome.  Thanks for supporting our team this year."

Andover High Girls Basketball Team, Andover MA


Many thanks for your musical expertiose in keeping Carmine's 50th birthday party alive. We all had a great time.  Thers's nothing like some music to keep a party hopping. You have a great personality and I would not hesitate to reccomend you in the future!"

Lori, Andover, MA


"First Class and professional.  Great personalized service"

Joe Vandette, Vandette Sales and Marketing, New Hampshire


The kids wanted the dance to go all night.  With the assortment of music, games and contests, you couldn't have asked for more of a good time.  Ted knows the music for the kids."

Kathy Blain, school principal, Haverhill, MA


"We want to thank you for all your work at Sarah and John's wedding.  The music was great and added so much to the day.  It was a tight spot for you and your equipment.  You added so much to the wedding."

Fred & Margaret, Wellsley, MA


Thanks again for the great DJ performance!  Another big hit!

Chris, Massachusetts Food Association